National Senior Health and Fitness Day

Thalia Hayden

National Senior Health and Fitness Day

CREATED May. 30, 2012

PALM SPRNIGS-- Some find the desert heat depressing, especially senior citizens. But an event was held to help motivate adults 50 and up, to stay active this summer. Many seniors say they're trying to beat that depression by coming out to places like the Mizell Senior Center, and enjoying the company. Program Director Ian Murray says now is the perfect time to bring awareness because Today is National Senior Health and Fitness Day.

"Its very important both physically and mentally, to keep the mind engaged and keep the body fit," says Ian Murray.

And in honor of it, the Mizell Senior Center hosted an array of events, starting with an exercise class called ``Fit After 50'', followed by blood pressure checks, lunch and chair yoga. The days events were free.

"If you stay at home you'll probably feel bad and sad, but if you get out and mix with other people, you share special things," says Senior Citizen Patricia Gordon.