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Ticket Holders Survive Coachella Fest Day Two

Jessica Flores

Ticket Holders Survive Coachella Fest Day Two

CREATED Apr. 14, 2012

First timers at Coachella Fest are quickly learning to survive it you first have to deal with the dirt.

"I haven't taken a shower since I got here, and the line for the shower is like super long," said Faith Busby from Santa Barbara, "Ten girls go in and 30 minutes later one girl comes out. It's not worth it," she said.

Eighty thousand visitors are in town for the largest music festival in the world, and that can make for some sticky situations.

"Bring extra toilette paper because the porta pottys are a little disgusting," said Maricella Lopez from San Diego.

Ticket holders wanting to stock up on food can take a shuttle to a nearby shopping center. Many people are opting to eat outside the festival grounds to save money.

"We came so we could eat for cheap. We got fried chicken," said  Mark Cagalaw from Lancaster who shopped at Ralphs for lunch.

Festival attendees on the hunt for food are not only helping large chains, but also helping pump dollars into the local small businesses.

"It's mostly festival people coming in right now," said Rocio Vidiro, an employee of Rosamarillo's Mexican Restaurant in Indio.

This is the first year Coachella Fest will extend to a following second weekend, with an identical lineup.

"[It's] a lot of music. A lot of people on drugs, a lot of beautiful women, a lot more dirt and rain. But generally, very awesome," said Adam Fern from San Francisco.

A playground of sorts for music lovers, who are now leaving a profitable footprint behind.

Jessica Flores, KMIR6 News.