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Chilly Weather, but Hot Music at Coachella Fest

Angela Monroe

Chilly Weather, but Hot Music at Coachella Fest

CREATED Apr. 13, 2012

As we forecasted, it was a damp and windy start for the first day of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.
Tens of thousands of people are busy enjoying the great music and party atmosphere of Coachella Fest.
But this year they find themselves wearing jackets and shivering in the cold temperatures.
Marlon and Melissa are riding their bicycles back and forth to Coachella Fest.
"This is our eight year going, so every single year we have to go we wait at least two hours in the parking lot," said Marlon German, a Palm Desert resident.
They were at the festival, but then got a little chilly.
"It's as cold as heck so we're going home to change," said Marlon.
"My legs, I can't feel them anymore, they're so numb," said Palm Desert resident Melissa Avalos. We asked if she has ever seen a Coachella Fest with theses temperatures.
"Never, I actually prefer it to be hot," said Melissa.
Other Coachella Festers came a long ways, and were shocked by the cool temps.
"It's cold and it's raining, so its kind of shocking, it's weird," said Lauren Pagliaro, a New York resident.
But on the plus side, California Highway Patrol says traffic is flowing very well.
"It might be the rain, the weather it's helped dampen some of the traffic flow, but with all the shuttles bringing in, they've got several pick-up points that they're bringing people in from so its really helping alleviate a lot of the vehicle traffic that's coming down this way," said Officer Joe Zagorski with California Highway Patrol.
Cassandra and Lauren took one of those shuttles.
"We were at a hotel, at a party, just jumped on a bus, and we jumped on the bus," said Cassandra Starr, who just moved to LA from NYC.
So far, police say people are driving safely.
"No one's been drinking and driving that we've seen, also we just hope that they continue that for the rest of the night, and they don't make a bad decision and drives impaired, endangers everyone else out here," said Officer Zagorski.
Traveling safe so they can enjoy great music like.
"Radiohead, and Florence and the Machine," said Melissa.
"I'm here to see Refuse, at the Drive-in, Radiohead," said Marlon.
"I really want to see Radiohead and the Black Keys, those are like my top two artists I want to see," said Lauren.
"Swedish Mafia House, Santagal," said Cassandra.
So these music-lovers say a little rain can't dampen their enthusiasm.
"I mean it's Coachella, it's our tradition, so we're here to do it another year, regardless of the weather," said Marlon.
Well, there you have it, rain or shine, these die-hard music-fans are braving the elements.