Catherdal City Police Dept. Faces Deep Budget Cuts

Thalia Hayden

Catherdal City Police Dept. Faces Deep Budget Cuts

CREATED Mar. 28, 2012


CATHEDRAL CITY--  Wednesday night's city council meeting will have an affect on the future of Cathedral City. For the very first time, the City Manager is presenting next year's proposed budget, and council members say major cuts are unavoidable.

Cathedral city employees and residents had three minutes each, to voice their opinions at the meeting, as they prepare for potential layoffs and deep cuts to programs and services.

Sandy Ramsey-Woods has been a city employees for more than five years, and says she plans to address the council, hoping to stop major cuts.

"Our group as a whole were quite taken back.  The cuts were quite deeper than we anticipated," says Ramsey-Woods.

But Cathedral City Council Member Sam Toles says the state took $7 million away from their $30 million budget, so they have to make due.

"Over 80% of our budget is police and fire so when you're looking at roughly 23% of a cut to the overall budget, there's no way we can't impact public safety in some way, but obviously there are choices we can make to mitigate that as much as possible," says Toles.

Toles says the council is hoping to offer employees concessions, rather than layoffs, but will probably end up being a combination of both.

Council members say they can't discuss the details of the proposed budget yet, because at this point, nothing is final. They will have a series of public hearings and forums before the final budget is due in July.