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Gilda's Club Desert Cities Needs Your Help

Adrianna Weingold

Gilda's Club Desert Cities Needs Your Help

CREATED Mar. 28, 2012

CATHEDRAL CITY--Gilda's Club Desert Cities takes cancer care to a new level, offering the emotional support patients, survivors and families need to get through treatment and beyond. 

The club is up against a funding deadline. Gilda's Club treats more than 700 patients and their loved ones each year and they do it with a very limited budget. This year funding has fallen short and they're asking for the public's help to make up a $100,000 funding gap.
It's a place cancer survivors, families and patients can turn to for support during their most difficult days.
"They come here because they need us and because they love to come to gilda's club and they don't have to worry about paying anything to come and be a part of our community and we will always keep it that way," said Gilda's Club Desert Cities President and CEO Paula Kennedy.
The red doors are a beacon of hope for VJ Sleight. This is her second time in remission and she says Gilda's helped see her through her battle with cancer.
"eople who have not had cancer can not understand what this roller coaster is like," said cancer survivor VJ Sleight, "Gilda's to me is home it's a place I can go and be myself and share my fears my concerns my hopes." 
Gerry Stewart is also in remission. Prostate cancer is what brought him to Gilda's, but it's the love and community that's kept him coming back.
"You make wonderful friends you have a support system, it's non-judgemental, when you first walk in the doors you're greeted with a smile and you leave with a smile," said cancer survivor Gerry Stewart. 
But Gilda's is now facing a tough time of its own. Funding has fallen short this year and they need $100,000 dollars by the end of June.
"Every single person in this country is affected by cancer," Sleight said. "Until you've experienced it yourself you can't understand the devastation that hits you physically, emotionally, financially. "Some place where patients can go that's going to help them get through this I can't think of a more valuable resource except for cancer research where we can find a cure."
"Cancer affects all of our lives," Stewart said. "We need to keep this open so people like myself and otehrs and walk through the red doors and get the help they need."
Patient, after patient, pleading for support of the club thats supported them during their darkest hour and beyond.
An anonymous donor has stepped in and given Gilda's $10,000. Now they're asking the public to help raise the remaining $90,000. If you would like to help you can send donations to the following address:
67625 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Ste. 7A
Cathedral City, CA 92234