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Passengers Aboard Gay Cruise Speak Out

Jessica Flores

Passengers Aboard Gay Cruise Speak Out

CREATED Mar. 27, 2012

PALM SPRINGS-- The story about the Palm Springs couple arrested for allegedly having sex aboard their gay cruise ship has garnered international headlines, but another Palm Springs couple on that trip is now speaking out with their side of the story.

The couple, John Moore and Ryan Cummings, say what happened isn't a gay rights issue.

Police took the arrested couple, John Hart and Dennis Mayer, off the boat and arrested them for allegedly having sex on their balcony.

"That's a horrible representation of the 'big gay' ship coming into town," said Cummings.

The couple arrested described inhumane conditions in a country with anti-gay laws still on the books.

"They did try to make an example out of us they paraded us around the town. The local media there fanned the flame of gay hatred and the locals came out and vehemently protested against us," said Mayer, now back in his home after spending 19 hours in jail in Dominica.

But the other couple doesn't blame Dominica for what happened.

"I'm sorry we were in a third world country that is not tolerant of gay people, and when you throw it out in their face like that there are going to be some problems," said Cummings.

Cummings and Moore say the other couple's actions jeopardized the safety of the people on board the ship.

"We could have given Dominica a different perspective of what gays are really about, and this incident gave them exactly what they already thought about us," said Moore.

Jessica Flores, KMIR6 News.