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Mega Millions Mania

Adrianna Weingold

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Mega Millions Mania

CREATED Mar. 23, 2012

CATHEDRAL CITY--Champagne wishes and caviar dreams could soon be a reality if you win tonight's Mega Millions lottery. $290 million dollars is up for grabs. It's the 8th largest lottery prize in history.

Its hard for most people to imagine having 1 million dollars in their bank account but what about almost 300  million?

"My partner would have to probably pick me off the floor," said Cathedral City resident Jon Dillingham. "Then I would start screaming."

It's hard to resist the neon signs. After all, $290 million is a whole lotta lotto, and when the jackpot goes up, the fever starts to spread. Employees at a Chevron station in Cathedral City say sales for the Mega Millions are up 400 percent.

"Instead of having 3 or 4 people an hour you get about 34 people an hour," said Bob Wood.

"We play the lotto religiously about 2 times a week," said Cathedral City resident Wes Yauger. "It's always exciting because we discuss our plans about what we will do with the money."

$290 million may seem like a lot but the largest jackpot was actually $390 million back in March of 2007.

Still, Friday's jackpot is nothing to frown about. With that much cash you could buy the entire population of the Coachella Valley 483 items off the dollar menu at McDonalds or send everyone up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway 13 times.

"What would I buy? A nice house," Wood said.

"I have no idea about that but I have tons of friends that I need to help," Dillingham said.

The store that sells the winning ticket is primed to get a cool million, not too shabby for a days work.

--Adrianna Weingold