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Cal State to Freeze Enrollment in 2013

Adrianna Weingold

Cal State to Freeze Enrollment in 2013

CREATED Mar. 20, 2012

 PALM DESERT--Another blow to higher education here in California, thousands of students won't be able to enroll in Cal State schools next spring.

 The California State Univeristy Board of Trustees saying it will freeze enrollment at 15 of its 23 campuses starting in spring of 2013. 
"The idea is that we're trying to pare down our enrollment to better match our funding," said a Cal State University Board of Trustees Spokesperson. "We've been cut by about a billion dollars over the last 4 years.
The cost cutting strategy will reduce enrollment by 16,000 students, the group hardest hit will be transfers from community colleges. 
"There's a lot of students here who already plan to go to Cal State in the spring and stopping that, that's basically ruining their chances to become something in life," said College of teh Desert Student Christian Bello.
"We have no jobs right now," said College of the Desert Student Cristina Naya. "I can only imagine what our future jobs are going to be like. Are we all going to be janitors and just clean toilets? It's not fair."
8 campuses will continue accepting new students, including Cal State San Bernardino.
"It will have a long term negative impact on our economy," said Vice President of Academic Affairs at College of the Desert, Farley Herzek. "It discourages students who have been really working hard at the community college level and want to transfer. All in all there's absolutely nothing positive that could come out of this." 
The move also pressures voters to support a tax increase on the November ballot. If it fails, the system could be hit with a $200 million dollar funding cut in the middle of the 2012-2013 academic year.
Despite funding cuts the board has decided to increase compensation for the new presidents of both the Fullerton and East Bay campuses.
The pay raises are in line with current policy but some trustees say they're setting a bad example during a time of financial crisis.