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More Alerts Sent for I-10 Crashes, Road Work

Angela Monroe

More Alerts Sent for I-10 Crashes, Road Work

CREATED Mar. 19, 2012

Traffic is moving smoothly Monday night on Interstate 10 east of Coachella after two crashes temporarily shut down part of the freeway.
Both Highway Patrol and Caltrans sent us half a dozen alerts.
You probably remember the traffic nightmare in February -- road work left thousands of people stranded on I-10 for hours.
Now Caltrans is sending more alerts than ever to let people know what to expect on the road ahead.

It's that moment every driver dreads -- seeing a solid wall of traffic at a standstill on the interstate.
Last month, traffic was backed up for 21 miles on the I-10 Banning Pass because of road work.
Manfred Baurmann of Big River has seen his fair share of crashes.
"All of them because I go into town from Big River to Orange County at least twice a week, so I run into quite a few of them," said Baurmann.
About 20 miles east of Coachella, a truck pulling a trailer overturned.  The driver wasn't hurt.
But officers say just two minutes later, three vehicles collided on the other side of the interstate because they were looking at the wreck, not the road.
"We've got gaps of almost a quarter mile because are looking left at the scene, and yet they are holding everyone up behind them," said Officer Richard Schwemmer with California Highway Patrol.
Delays measured in minutes compared to the hours many spent in the I-10 traffic nightmare last month.
"That I-10 disaster was exactly that, a disaster," said Officer Schwemmer.
This chain reaction crash on I-10 didn't become a disaster.
"Seems to be going pretty smoothly, we've done everything we can as far as shutting down just only one lane and allowing traffic to continue," said Officer Schwemmer.
Both California Highway Patrol and Caltrans kept us up to date with emails about the crashes...
Caltrans says they are doing everything they can now to let people know quickly, including posting on their Twitter account.
And it may be helping, Baurmann noticed a difference.
"Well, come to think of it like I said it was handled pretty good, you know coming up because of the trucks, slow down to 25, 30 mph but just that's the way it is, so actually it wasn't too bad, I thought it was handled pretty good," said Baurman..
So hopefully these inevitable traffic tie-ups, don't keep you in park too long.
There was one minor injury reported in the crashes.
All lanes of Interstate 10 opened back up just before 7 Monday night.