I-10 Backup Forum

Thalia Hayden

I-10 Backup Forum

CREATED Mar. 9, 2012


RANCHO MIRAGE-- People stuck in a 21 mile back up on Interstate 10 on February 12, 2012 had a chance to vent about it on Thursday night.

Almost a month later, drivers got a chance to express their frustration to a panel at a public forum at the Rancho Mirage Library.

Caltrans Director, Ray Wolfe, accepted full responsibility at the forum, but many in attendence say they want to know what Caltrans is doing, to ensure this won't happen again. A Caltrans spokesperson says some of the measures include electric billboards along the interstate to keep drivers informed.

The meeting was supposed to end at 6:30pm, but ended up running over because so many people wanted to address the panel. Many were asking to receive cell phone alerts from Caltrans in addition to adding electronic billboards.

The panel says that's not a system that's in place at this time, but will look into it.