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Facial Recognition Technology: 30 Seconds To Danger

George Severson

Facial Recognition Technology: 30 Seconds To Danger

CREATED Feb. 29, 2012

PALM DESERT - Imagine a stranger using your photo to find out everything about you. A simple picture of your face, could now be a weapon for criminals.


Many people are expressing concern about an emerging technology that provides such tools. The concern is not because of how advanced the technology is but because of it's potential. Right now facial recognition on smart phones is still in its' infancy.

You can unlock your phone with your face, instead of typing in a password. But experts say, that's just the beginning. There's already multiple apps out there that claim it can identify someone if you just take their picture.

We tested some of them. So far, none of them are a go. But one app is very very close.

The app's called Recognizr. It advertises on YouTube, all you need is a picture. Then that pic is compared to photos on Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. Identifying the person, and syncing you with their profiles. It's marketed to be a friendly, easy way to social network.

Angela Mancuso is the co-executive director at the Sojourner Family Peace Center. She helps stalking victims every day.

"I think with an app like this it just opens up a can of worms," Mancuso warns.

The Swedish company that developed Recognizr, was sold. But experts say it's still possible the app will go on the market soon. And say if it's not Recognizr, it's only a matter of time before it's something else.