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Downtown Palm Springs Demolition

Jaffa King

Downtown Palm Springs Demolition

CREATED Feb. 28, 2012

PALM SPRINGS -  Progress is happening in downtown Palm Springs!

The City of Palm Springs is excited to announce that the demolition of the old Bank of America building and a portion of the former Hamburger Hamlet, the first-phase in the City's Downtown Revitalization Plan, is expected to be at an end within the next few days.

"Wessman Development is very excited about the timely progress of the demolition," said Senior Vice President Michael Braun. "The Mayor tasked us with getting this done quickly and we did."

A 12,000- square-foot temporary open space park for residents and visitors is expected to be complete within the next two months to replace the old buildings until the rest of the Desert Fashion Plaza is demolished and rebuilt.

The majority of the mall's demolition is planned for the summer of 2013, according to Braun, who added that the contractor has been able to recycle more than 85 percent of all materials taken from the old buildings.

"A historic transformation is under way in our downtown core thanks to the passage of Measure J and I want to commend Wessman Development for staying on schedule and getting the job done," said Mayor Steve Pougnet. "This is an exciting time to live and work in the City of Palm Springs and the best is yet to come!"

For more information regarding the Downtown Revitalization Plan, the creation of the Measure J Oversight Commission and city-wide capital improvement projects as they get under way, visit