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Unusual Billboard in Salt Lake City

Ben Schenk

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Unusual Billboard in Salt Lake City

CREATED Feb. 26, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - A billboard near Salt Lake City is turning a lot of heads and it's what the billboard says, that's drawing attention.

A picture of a bomb. The word "war" crossed out and big, bold letters. With so many billboards in the Salt Lake Valley, the man who designed this one knew he had to go big to get big attention. "We feel it's a message that needs to be heard. It's not getting a lot of attention. The war drums are bearing very loudly." Connor Boyack helped design this billboard. At first glance, it looks like he's in favor of bombing Iran. Some people say, well, people might think you're actually trying to advocate that people go bomb Iran. That's not the truth. If you go to the website, that's clear, which is the second part of the billboard, where you'll see "Support the Troops" with "troops" crossed out. Instead, it reads, support the Military Industrial Complex. It would be a war that would benefit what Dwight D. Eisenhower called the Military Industrial Complex, the war profiteers, the propagandists. This isn't a war we need to fight. Boyack says about 50 friends helped pay for the billboard. The very day it went up by the Maverik Center in West Valley, the website listed on it received some 15,000 hits. He feels the lead up to possible war with Iran is very similar to the war buildup before the Iraq invasion. A lot of people are buying into the pro-war message. They feel fearful and think we do need to go and attack Iran. What we try to do is balance that with fact. The website is full of pictures, documentaries, and information Boyack feels will help people understand what he calls, the whole story, so another was like the one in Iraq doesn't happen. We want to make people aware of what is going on. We want to make them hold their leaders accountable. There hasn't been a lot of that.

That website is