COD Reacts to Loss of Frank Tanuvasa

Adrianna Weingold

COD Reacts to Loss of Frank Tanuvasa

CREATED Feb. 24, 2012

 PALM DESERT--An empty football field at College of the Desert, players and their coach still too distraught to talk about the loss of football star Frank Tanuvasa.

"As any young person who is dealing with death maybe for the first time, there's a lot of confusion, frustration, saddness, this was their teammate as well as their friend," said Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs, Adrian Gonzales.
Tanuvasa was a starting offensive lineman for the College of the Desert football team. Students in shock over his sudden, violent death.
"I saw it on facebook a couple of people posted it saying, rest in peace number 77, i even know the number of his jersey, everybody's shocked," said student Iris Perez.
"That kind of seems like an over reaction, that they could have done less to not shoot him maybe just like figure out the situation first and try to handle it differently other than just shooting him," said student Chris Harvey.
Tanuvasa was shot and killed by police early Thursday morning after allegedly burglarizing a home on Michigan Drive. Two other suspects ran away from police.
"Regardless of what may or may not have happened what we know is that we had a student who has been tragically killed and we have a lot of students and staff weho may have known him and we want to make sure we provide them with teh adequate support to get through this process," Gonzales said.
Students and faculty still trying to come to terms with his sudden death.
"I think it's actually pretty shocking just knowing that like a person you know that we're always near, we're all from the same school and stuff and it happens to one of us, it could happen to probably anyone," said student Anibal Mora.
Investigators aren't saying if Tanuvasa was armed. According to court documents he had no criminal record.