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La Quinta High School Evacuated

George Severson

La Quinta High School Evacuated

CREATED Feb. 8, 2012

LA QUINTA - Students and staff were evacuated from a section of La Quinta High School Wednesday following a report that explosives may have been placed near the area.

The school posted on its website Wednesday morning that it is working with the fire and police departments to investigate a report of a suspicious object that may be located in the portable classroom area.

Students and school employees were evacuated from the area of concern. School officials posted online that classes in other areas of the school continued as normal Wednesday morning.

La Quinta High School posted on its Facebook page around 12:45 P.M. that the investigation was concluded and school was resuming as usual.

La Quinta Hign School is located at 79255 Blackhawk Way.

Stay tuned to KMIR6 News for further information.