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Traffic Fines for Some Cut in Half

Angela Monroe

Traffic Fines for Some Cut in Half

CREATED Jan. 31, 2012

RIVERSIDE COUNTY - Do you have an old traffic ticket laying around you haven't paid?
Well, Riverside County is prepared to let you off easy.
If you have an unpaid traffic ticket laying around that's three years old, Riverside County courts are prepared to let you pay half price.
It's part of an amnesty period that ends June 30th.
You see the red and blue lights flash behind you, and next thing you know, you have a hefty fine to pay.
Lake Tahoe resident York Vonwrockem says he always pay his tickets, "No I have to pay my traffic tickets, otherwise they come after me."
If you don't pay, the fines can really add up.
"I actually didn't pay my ticket, and I got a fine of $300, so my ticket my ticket was actually $236 and I ended up paying $536," said Thermal resident, Omar Sanchez.
But this amnesty period will let people off at 50 percent of the amount due.
"Oh, I wish I could get my money back," said Sanchez.
But there are some criteria.
The ticket had to be due before January 2009.
You can't have paid on it since then.
You can't owe victim restitution, or have any warrants.
People here in the valley see several benefits to the program.
"I think it would probably help people drive safer like since they know its not going to be so expensive or like maybe it will be easier," said Indio resident, Monique Maldonado.
The amnesty program could help people who just don't have the money to pay full price for a pricy ticket.
"And its sad to see the people who got the ticket because it hurts to pay and a lot of people don't have money, and what can you do you know, borrow money, pay by credit card, or lose something," said Indian Wells resident, Yen Rist.
But people won't lose as much, if they pay their old traffic tickets before the end of June.
And once again, the traffic ticket must be an infraction--- not a misdemeanor or felony-- so the more minor traffic offenses.