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Brutality Case Starts Against DHS Police

Jessica Flores

Brutality Case Starts Against DHS Police

CREATED Jan. 30, 2012

 INDIO- Lawyers gave their opening remarks in a civil lawsuit against the Desert Hot Springs police, accusing five officers of police brutality. 


The day in question in the case happened five years ago. It began with the Moore family of Desert Hot Springs calling the police after someone crashed into their daughters car and sped off. When police arrived violence and chaos ensued, according to the family. 


In the opening remarks, the attorney for the plaintiffs describes how police didn't go after the driver behind the crash, but instead brutally attacked Edward Moore and his family. Police used pepper spray and shoved around members of the Moore family, according to court documents.


A video of what happened after was played for the jury. You can hear someone yelling at police for shoving her mother to the ground.


The lawyer for the Moore's argued police deliberately targeted Mr. Moore because of his history with the city and police. Moore worked for Desert Hot Spring's Public Works and was part of class action lawsuit for racial discrimination against the city and he'd been arrested before. Charges were dropped but he was left bloodied.


But the defense says what happened before the day in question is irrelevant. The defense lawyer declined an interview, but said in opening remarks that the case is too complex and entangled to find fault with the city.


The case involves 11 different plaintiffs, the city of Desert Hot Springs and five officers. 


The case, filed a year ago, could have Desert Hot Springs pay the Moore $15 million dollars if jurors find fault with the city.


Jessica Flores, KMIR6 News.