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Murdered Toddler's Family Raises Funeral Money

Jessica Flores

Murdered Toddler's Family Raises Funeral Money

CREATED Jan. 29, 2012

COACHELLA - The family of a toddler murdered came together for a car wash, hoping to raise enough funds to give Elijah Banuelos a proper funeral.


"We are doing this for him because this is the last thing we could do for him since he is gone. It just hurts us a lot how someone could do that to a little boy," said his aunt Brandi Garcia.


Gunmen shot the two-year-old boy in the head as he stood with his father in an open garage. It happened in Coachella on January 25th around 7:30pm. Now the family wants answers.


"If these monsters stay out there nobody is protected," said Christina Lozano, the toddlers aunt.


Witnesses told police several men sped away in a car after the shooting. Police are looking for the suspects. 


"We need to get together and help however we can. It's a tradedy especially with a child," said Marie Reyes, an Indio resident who stopped by to get her car wash.


The services will be held on Wednesday and Thursday. The family is still determining the location.


"A baby was taken for no reason. what is the point of that? What did they gain?" said Lozano: 


Jessica Flores, KMIR 6 News.