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Former President Clinton Talks Health and Wellness

Angela Monroe

Former President Clinton Talks Health and Wellness

CREATED Jan. 17, 2012

Former President Bill Clinton was joined by celebrities, athletes and doctors Tuesday for an inaugural conference held in partnership with the Humana Challenge.
Tuesday's discussions put on by the Clinton Foundation were based on the health problems facing our country.   
But the former President also spoke to the audience about his friend, the legendary Bob Hope.
"I want to thank Bob Hope for his legacy and the friendship I had with him."
Stirring words from former President Bill Clinton to herald in the new era of the Humana Challenge, formerly the Bob Hope Classic.
"We hope that the work that we're doing with Humana and the PGA tour to carry on Bob Hope's legacy of service and giving back will give us a tournament that has the goal of encouraging every single person to make a personal committment to lifelong wellness and to be involved with family and community to encourage healthy living in others," said former President Clinton.
Tuesday's panel addressed the problems facing America's health and wellness.
"Abundance of food, not enough exercise, not enough sleep and high stress jobs, he's been very public that his health paid a price for it and now he's transformitive in taking that message forward and frankly trying to save the next generation of kids," said NBC News chief medical correspondent, Dr. Nancy Snyderman.
And PGA tour players are trying to help get kids healthier in all communities.
"As a full blooded Native American that has won on the PGA tour, that kind of gives me a segue into the communities to kind of give some insight and some inspiration into living healthier," said Notah Begay III.
Local lawmakers are getting involved in health matters.
"We actually had legislation signed this year Safe Routes to schools to ensure that there's more equitable distribution of dollars and resources to underserved rural areas so kids can actually walk to school," said Assemblymember Manuel Perez.
Here in the valley, health leaders are making changes.
"Diabetes is so prevalent that the community really needs a diabetes and so we partnered the Harvard-based famous Josslyn Diabetes Center in Boston, and we are now an affiliate and will be opening that diabetes center at the hospital the end of this month," said Desert Regional Medical Center CEO, Karolee Sowle.
Fitness expert Jillian Michaels got people moving with an early morning workout at the Renaissance Esmerelda Resort.
"Even though we may have lack of access, lack of funds, overwhelming situations within our community, diabetes, obesity, fatty liver disease, the truth of the matter is there is a simple solution, we have to eat less and we have to move more," said Michaels.
Health, former President Clinton says should be a non-partisan issue.
"What is the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats interest in living to be 100 and being healthy all the way, what is the difference in wanting every child to have a good future."
The first round of the Humana Challenge begins Thursday at PGA West in La Quinta.