Part of Dinah Shore Weekend Promoters Leave for Vegas

Angela Monroe

Part of Dinah Shore Weekend Promoters Leave for Vegas

CREATED Jan. 12, 2012

PALM SPRINGS - One of the biggest parties in the desert is losing part of its promoters to an event in Las Vegas.
Dinah Shore weekend will lose Girl Bar and Truck Stop Girlz this year.
One the largest lesbian events in the world is splitting in two. 
Part of the party still here in Palm Springs, but the other part moving to Vegas.
We asked the question, will the split mean less tourism for the valley?

The party's not over, but it is splitting up.
Since 2005 Club Skirts and Girl Bar have held rival parties.
"The women that come don't know what event to go to, who to support and these promoters spend a lot of money with a lot of really high powered talent, and they really try to put on great events, they need, to have people," said the owner of Casitas Laquita, Joanna Funaro.
Funaro has been going to the Dinah Shore weekend for over 20 years.
We asked if she thought this news would draw away tourism.
"Well at this point for this year, no. We're already booked... what it might affect for next year I don't know, I don't think it's going to affect too much of our tourism for the lesbians that come into town," said Funaro.
The Hilton Palm Springs Resort's general manager, Aftab Dada, says Dinah Shore weekend is vital to the valley.
"I would consider Dinah Shore event to be among the top five events in the whole Coachella Valley as far as the overall economic impact," said Dada.
And he adds they are actually already ahead of bookings compared to last year.
"Because for the past four years, Club Skirt has been taking a lot of market share from Girl Bar, so we are ahead of pace compared to last year," said Dada.
The weekend brings thousands of women to Palm Springs and is held to coincide with the Kraft Nabisco LPGA Golf Tournament.
"The event has always been a mature group that used to go see golf, so I think that one promoter here is going to be very susccessful, and I think it will go on to be very successful," said Funaro.
Dinah Shore weekend will go on for its 22nd year, but without part of the party.
Dinah Shore weekend is March 28th to April 1st.
Dates for the Girl Bar party in Las Vegas have not yet been announced.