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Couple Arrested, Child Found Wandering the Streets

Jaffa King

Couple Arrested, Child Found Wandering the Streets

CREATED Jan. 11, 2012

WINDY POINT - The parents for a 4 year old are arrested on felony child cruelty charges - after their child was found wandering the streets alone.

The child was found walking along Sterling Avenue in Windy Point Tuesday morning.

Investigators say the child had suffered a head wound that was infected.

The child was taken to the hospital where doctors determined the wound was from a dog bite back in November but the child did not recieve any follow up care casuing the wound to became infected.

The child's parents were eventually located at the hospital and were under the influence of drugs.

Brian Vandermoon, 30, and Taylor Vandermoon, 26 were arrested on felony child endangerment and drug charges.

The child has been placed in protective custody.