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Local Composer Taking Remote Music Lessons Global

Jessica Flores

Local Composer Taking Remote Music Lessons Global

CREATED Jan. 4, 2012

YUCCA VALLLEY- A local composer is taking his music around the world without ever leaving his home.

Jarrod Radnich is a musician tuned into technology. He played the first-ever remote concert last year. A live audience watched keys move up on and down a piano, but he was actually playing hundreds of miles away.

"So when I press a key here, that exact note will go down with the same nuance, same velocity on another piano somwhere across the world," said Radnich.

In his studio in Yucca Valley California, he's now taking that remote-playing technology to teaching. His latest student is Anna Simpson, Miss South Dakota.

"It took awhile to get my mind wrapped around the fact that Jarrod is in California and I'm in South Dakota, yet we can actually have an even better piano lesson than I've had in the past," said Simpson, during her lesson with Radnich.

She's gearing up for the upcoming Miss America pagent and she reached out to Radnich after finding his music online. She decided to play his arrangment of Pirate's of the Carribean.

During the remote lesson, whatever key she hits, it lights up on Radnich's piano. When Radnich plays, the keys on Simpson's paino move.

"It's been fun meeting people in California too. We now have a friendship across the United States," said Simpson.

Jessica Flores KMIR6 News.