A Coachella Valley Christmas

George Severson

A Coachella Valley Christmas

CREATED Dec. 26, 2011

COACHELLA VALLEY -  The holiday is meant to be shared with family, friends and loved ones. But for some that is not possible. So in the spirit of the holiday, some people in the Coachella Valley reached out to make sure everyone got to enjoy Christmas.

The limo pulls up and Jo Rosen was there to welcome military men and women for a special Christmas dinner.

"These are people who either didn't have the funds to go home to their moms and dads or they didn't have time off to go," Rosen says. "I'm so glad that we've taken this opportunity to not have them sit on the base and do nothing on christmas day."

Rosen and her neighbors in a Palm Desert community brought gifts to stuff stockings for their guests.

"It means a lot because it shows that the community is really appreciative and it's what we live for," says H.A. COLTER, U.S. NAVY. "We live for the community."

 This is Jo Rosen's fourth year of hosting members of the military from Twenty Nine Palms. She started the tradition after her husband died.

"It fills not only a void that happened in my life that many years ago but it is probably the most rewarding day that I can even image," Rosen says.

Instead of ordering pizza in the baracks, the men and women in uniform get a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings including ham and turkey.

In Palm Springs another feast for families in need was taking place.

"We are here celebrating Christmas dinner," say Bob Hunt of Well In The Desert." "We've already seen about 1,200 people come through our doors."

Santa Claus himself even came to town. Hundreds of kids lined up to meet Santa Claus and receive a gift from the jolly elf. Organizers say donors were generous this season, giving more gifts than ever.

Diana Robles-Mendoza got a scooter from Santa.

"Christmas for me is like a big celebration and everybody is happy for what they get," Robles-Mendoza says.

Santa's helpers across the desert this year opening their hearts and homes to bring in that Christmas cheer.

Jessica Flores, KMIR6 News