Last Minute Shopping Frenzy

Adrianna Weingold

Last Minute Shopping Frenzy

CREATED Dec. 24, 2011

Palm Desert - Shoppers packed stores Saturday, leaving holiday shopping to the 11th hour. Procrastination purchases helping push spending this season higher than anticipated.

Shoppers hitting stores early for late purchases, little time to spare.
"It's not fun right now because I have everyone coming over to my house for dinner at 4 o'clock and I have to cook," said last minute shopper Jan Zones.
Some shoppers still waiting for last minute sales.
" Better deals," said shopper Greg Stickel. "Last minute stuff they want to clear out their shelves with so you get better deals that way."
It seems shoppers are taking advantage of deals, still spending big bucks. Ringing up a grand total this holiday season of $469.1 billion.
Families coming for Santa, but he can't fill every request, dad stepping in to fill any holes, last minute of course.
"That's what we do best," said Michael Mangan. "Wait until the last minute then realize that tomorrow is Christmas and we've got to make it happen today or we're in big trouble."
But don't worry, you're not alone, of the billions spent this holiday season 20% came in this last week.
"I always find something," said shopper Paul Hackbarth. "Maybe not what I want but it's Christmas so I always find something for someone."
Santa taking a break from present delivery to take some last minute orders. He's expected in the desert in the next few hours.