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Vandals Spoil Holiday Cheer in La Quinta

Angela Monroe

Vandals Spoil Holiday Cheer in La Quinta

CREATED Dec. 21, 2011

LA QUINTA - A La Quinta homeowner is devastated after holiday decorations outside her home were torn apart and some stolen.

The beautiful holiday display is the homeowner's gift to the neighborhood.
But that gift was stolen from her when vandals struck.

The sparkling lights invite all to share in the holiday spirit. "Every time I see her house I always want to take a picture, it's like so beautiful and nice." "I think it's nice, she's done it every year, Thanksgiving, Halloween, everything, I like it a lot," said two boys who live in the neighborhood.

Someone took the air our of the holiday spirit here at the La Quinta home, and this is the fourth time that vandals have struck. "It takes me a very long time and I do this all by myself, and to have somebody just come and destroy it, its just heartbreaking," said the homeowner.

To warm people's hearts, the La Quinta homeowner has dazzled the neighborhood with her display for a decade. But Wednesday morning, the decorations were slashed and broken and some lights stolen. "Christmas spirit is supposed to be beautiful, people are having hard times and all that, and she brings a lot out to this house and this street and whoever did this, it's not right," said Brian, a neighbor.

Whoever the grinch is that stole this holiday splendor has not been caught.  But neighbors say they are definitely on the naughty list."This is just pathetic, and these little punks deserve what they get, and I hope they don't get any coal even on their stockings this year, its just, it's just sad," said Heather Faris, a neighbor.

But the homeowner still has message she wants to focus on. "My first thought was I'm going to take it all down because I can't go through the stress and the worry, but I do it because it does bring happiness to the people, and it does bring me happiness to be able to share in that joy." The boys we talked to offered to help the homeowner take the decorations down after Christmas. So even a bad event can help create some holiday cheer.