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Fines for False Alarms in Cathedral City

Jessica Flores

Fines for False Alarms in Cathedral City

CREATED Dec. 20, 2011

CATHEDRAL CITY-- Cathedral City residents will be paying more to stay protected. The City Council passed an ordinance requiring residents and businesses to pay a fee to have an alarm system, the city says, in order to fund a new policy of responding to every alarm call the city receives.

Currently, Cathedral City police don't respond to all calls when alarm systems go off. The department says too many of those calls are false and they don't have the resources to send police to false burglaries. 

"The reason the fee is there so we can pay people to actually respond to the home," said Cathedral City Police Lieutenant Chuck Robinson.

The city is implementing a $100 fine for first false rings that police respond to, and a $200 fine for the second.

Alarm system owners will pay $35 for an alarm permit and $30 to renew that permit each year after. The city is waving the one hundred fine on the first false ring for those who pay the fee.

"I don't think you should have to pay extra for the police to respond because they are supported by the taxes you're paying...Now if they are guaranteeing that they be there in 30 second it might be worth it," said Travis Brown, who is visiting Cathedral City from Kansas. 

Cathedral City police get about 4,000 burglary alarm calls each year and only about 10 are actual burglaries. With the new fee in place, the police department says it can put more reserve officers on duty.

"I think it's probably justifiable." said Time Doxtater, who is visiting from Canada. "Because there are a lot of time when people don't deal with their alarm system properly."

Palm Springs and Indio also have alarm permit programs. Applications for the Cathedral City alarm permit are now available at the cathedral city police office and online at