Winter Storm Hits the Valley

Adrianna Weingold

Winter Storm Hits the Valley

CREATED Dec. 12, 2011

PALM DESERT - The rain fell steadily throughout the day in Palm Desert and across the valley, but really it was the freezing temperatures that had people talking today.

A cold storm sweeping the valley.
In Coachella the rain kept folks away from this playground.
Streets in Palm Desert so slick, this truck spun out of control, taking down city signs before hitting the curb and breaking an axle.
People all bundled up.
Some folks used to much colder weather,  welcoming the storm.
"It is chilly but it's like perfect kind of," Marissa Sanchez said. "Because i've been in new york and it's freezing up there."
Wet weather put a damper on this couple's day-- they came all the way from arizona to take engagement photos expecting sunshine.
"It's definitely cold and we had to do some more indoor shots than we were going to do," Stephanie Dorrington said. "We were going to watch the sunsets and stuff but there wasn't really a sun to be seen."
At Vista Point visibility severely limited as fog rolled through making it nearly impossible to see the valley below.
Clouds covering the sun all day.
"It wasn't nice," Quinn Saine said. "I got to get up early in the mornning, you got to bundle up and get coffee get going you know, stay warm get the mittens out."
Conditions on Highway 74 turning treacherous. Headlights barely peaking through the thick cloud cover.
Cal Trans putting snow plows in place-- ready for the freezing flurries overnight.