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Cold Snap Hits Home and Rescue Mission

Jessica Flores

Cold Snap Hits Home and Rescue Mission

CREATED Dec. 8, 2011

The frosty weather means people turning up heaters, scrambling to stay warm and farmers losing crops.

Calls to the General heating company are higher than ever. Gas furnaces can crack and leak carbon monoxide, which is odorless and can be deadly.

Farms are losing dozens of acres of crops. Peter Rabbit Farms in Coachella is still estimating the damage from the cold, but they say it's more than $10,000.

The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission has seen 30 percent more people than last year.

CVRM desperately needs more blankets and warm clothes.

"Just bring in what you got. Bring in your coats. We all got extra in our closets and cupboard and you wouldn't believe how much these blankets help someone stay warm," said executive director Darla Burkett.

With record lows the CVRM isn't just serving those without homes. It's also helping people without heaters who are coming in to warm up.

"We'll welcome all people in, but if we do have to turn them away we want to turn them away with a blanket, a coat, and a hat," said Burkett.