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High Wind Warning For Drivers

Jessica Flores

High Wind Warning For Drivers

CREATED Dec. 1, 2011

 COACHELLA VALLEY - Along Interstate 10 near Desert Hot Springs, high winds visibly shook cars.

 "It moves the truck around quite a bit," said Kevin Brunson, who was driving into the Coachella Valley from the Imperial Valley.


CHP warns drivers if they have an SUV or truck to try and stay and off the road.


"Especially if they are going to be towing a vehicle if they have a high profile vehicle they need to be extra cautions . We are not advising high profile vehicles to drive in extreme high winds because it does make it difficult to control those vehicles," said CHP officer Joe Zagorski.


CHP is also warning drivers with small cars to be extra cautions around big rigs because trucks can easily swerve into adjacent lanes during high winds.


For the most part Coachella Valley still is relatively calm, especially compared to San Gabriel Valley winds, which are clocking in at up to 100 miles per hour. Wind gusts in the Coachella Valley hovering around 55 miles per hour.


With high winds, comes the blowing sands.


"When we do have blowing sand it makes it the same as fog. So people need to drive the same way they would in fog," said Zagorski.


The wind is not yet violent, but just strong enough for Lisha Astora of Sky Valley to say this:


 "It's hard to talk. The wind takes my breath away!"


At this point, the wind isn't bringing in the havoc wreaking other parts of Southern California. But officials say take precaution and brace for more.