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High Winds Blow into the Valley

Angela Monroe

High Winds Blow into the Valley

CREATED Nov. 30, 2011

The windy conditions are here and all across Southern California.
Windy conditions are blowing into the Coachella Valley for the next several days.  Gusts of wind will reach up to 55 miles per hour.
The calm before the storm... now winds are picking up.
"My car goes crazy, and I use a lot of gas, and I worry about my 16 year old driving on the freeway, and its just awful," said Penni Moniz of Desert Hot Springs.
Both Indian Canyon Drive and Gene Autry Trail in Palm Springs tend to close when high winds whip up the sand.  Police are keeping an eye on conditions.
"We'll be watching Indian mostly, because it's a two lane road, whereas Gene Autry is four lanes and allows a little more freedom with the sand," said Sgt. Mike Kovaleff with the Palm Springs Police Department.
And at the Interstate 10 projects, workers are on storm watch.  They will not be moving any dirt, and they laid down signs that could blow over.
Police have some driving advice--keep your distance from other vehicles.
"Between the vehicle in front of you and also to your rear, but also side to side if you're in multi-lane roads, wind gusts could blow you into them.  And also those driving high profile vehicles, motorhomes, semi-trucks, buses, anything like that need to be extra careful," said Sgt. Kovaleff.
Nacho Guerero and his wife are visiting from Mexico, and have already had quite the drive here.
"We just left from Phoenix about 2 o'clock, and there's a real big accident there, we stay about two hours, and now we've got this wind, a lot of wind right here in California," said Guerero.
So when will these windy conditions blow away? The wind advisory goes out of effect Friday at 2PM.