Graffiti Crackdown in Coachella

Adrianna Weingold

Graffiti Crackdown in Coachella

CREATED Nov. 29, 2011

Coachella - 4 juveniles and 1 adult, arrested for tagging buildings across the City of Coachella.
Now the parents are being held responsible for all clean up costs totaling more than $95,000 dollars.    

Businesses, homes, sidewalks. Just about everywhere you turn in Coachella, covered in graffiti.

"Graffiti is certainly on of the scurges that has affected Coachella just like it has many other cities in the valley and the nation," City of Coachella Police Chief Raymond Gregory said.

Lowering property value and costing the city hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up. Now they're sending a message. If you spray, you're going to pay. Whether its jail time, money or both. And parents beware. If your child gets caught, your wallet will likely take the hit.

"You cannot do this in Coachella and not pay the consequences," said  and when you make a decision to go out and deface someones property destroy the value of their real estate then you're going to pay the consequnce

5 taggers caught vandalizing  property in Coachella are learning the hard way. Parents of two of the juveniles arrested being held responsible for the clean up costs-more than 95 thousand dollars.

"The message has got to be very clear to parents of minors, they need to know where their kids are, they need to know what theyre doing," said Mayor Eduardo Garcia. "If they don't and they are doing things against the law they are going to be held resposible"

The individuals arrested were caught red-handed. The symbol they were spraying  found on other surfaces city-wide. It's not yet known if the graffiti is gang related.