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Military Jet Noise Upsetting Some in Palm Springs

Angela Monroe

Military Jet Noise Upsetting Some in Palm Springs

CREATED Nov. 16, 2011

It's an uproar over jet noise.
The recent increase in military jets above the valley is causing many to speak out.
The decibel level is growing in Palm Springs.
People living near the airport say the sound of military jets is deafening, and each day there seems to be more military planes flying.

The roar of military jets is causing an uproar in Palm Springs.
"It's like being in an air show, it really sounds like the Blue Angels are going over, and it's very obnoxious," said Colleen Walsh of Palm Springs.
But to some, the sound is music to their ears.
"I think it's wonderful, they last 20 seconds, which shouldn't bother anybody, they have to train somewhere and they do a valuable cause for our country," said long-time resident, Marjorie Dyson of Palm Springs.
But other residents say a dramatic increase in the amount of military traffic is a problem.
"Military airplanes are just out of control, they used to be here just flying by on the weekends, and now its like 3 days a week minimum," said Danny Tripp of Palm Springs.
Long-time residents, like Frank Salo, say the jets can even make the house shake.
"Before it was one or two times, but now its so many times today when these airplanes pass, my frames move everything," said Salo.
Many people told city council the jet noise is causing problems with health, safety, and city image.
"Nerve-racking, and for a tourist town that is not what we want," said Sandy Bush, who lives just a mile from the airport.
But other people spoke up, saying the brief noise is a small price to pay.
"Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but that moment of noise, you know for the freedom and protection it gives us, is a small inconvenience," said Staff Sergeant John Mejia with the U.S. Marine Corps.
Palm Springs International Airport takes federal dollars, so it must allow federal military planes to use the runways.
The airport director said they are working on solutions, and could take the noise concerns to the Department of Defense in D.C.
"Those aircraft are loud, and the operations are up, and we should try to do something about that," said airport director Thomas Nolan.
The city will create a subcommittee to try to bring down the decibel level of displeasure in Palm Springs.
Mayor Pougnet said he was disappointed that the many people who spoke up about the jet noise did not stay long enough to hear the airport director's presentation.