Local Couple Wins SuperLotto Jackpot!

Adrianna Weingold

Local Couple Wins SuperLotto Jackpot!

CREATED Nov. 13, 2011

A twenty million dollar lotto ticket bought in Rancho Mirage. These are the winning numbers—25, 22, 28, 43, 21 and the mega number 12.


The couple that won the jackpot came forward Saturday to claim their prize, a whopping 20 million dollars.


It's something most only dream about, winning the lottery. A dream that's now a reality for one lucky couple.


That's right, 20 million dollars, and they bought the winning ticket right here at the Chevron station on Bob Hope Drive, in Rancho Mirage.


A 20 million dollar win pays about 14.2 million dollars, if you take the cash option. What are your chances of hitting it this big?


The odds of hitting all five numbers -- one in, one and a half million. The odds of hitting all 5 and the mega number, one in 41 and a half million.


Of course the only way to win is to keep playing. Lottery officials say the couple who won the 20 million dollar jackpot bought a ticket every week for years.