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Is Business Getting Better in the Valley?

Adrianna Weingold

Is Business Getting Better in the Valley?

CREATED Nov. 7, 2011

One of the biggest furniture stores in the valley, Linders, is closing it's doors. The recession proving too much for the retail giant. But now that the snowbirds have returned what can other businesses expect in the coming months?

The signs say "we're back" a sure sign the season is in full swing but along El Paseo signs of less promising times, stores still empty, looking for retailers to fill them.

Velma Otterman at Cactus Flower Shoe Salon says business is getting better but still has a ways to go.

Chamber of Commerce President Barbara DeBoom saying business all over Palm Desert is picking up, 16 stores making their return to the valley.

More good news could be on the horizon, the National Federation of Retailers predicting sales this holiday season up 3%.

An up swing bringing good news to shop owners along El Paseo. Still recovering from years of reduced spending.

Spending time and money, keeping businesses in the black.