Occupy Protesters Boycott Big Banks

Adrianna Weingold

Occupy Protesters Boycott Big Banks

CREATED Nov. 5, 2011

They were on the move once again Saturday, the Occupy Coachella Valley protesters marching up and down the streets of Palm Desert.

The group spent the day protesting banks across Palm Desert, some even closing their accounts, so the question we're asking tonight, is the movement making a difference?

They walked into banks across Palm Desert and closed their accounts.
The same occupy group protesting corporate greed also taking part in a movement dubbed National Bank Transfer Day, urging customers to close their bank accounts with for-profit banks and join local credit unions.

On the heels of last week's arrests, Occupy Coachella Valley is going strong, their persistence they say already making a big difference.

But not everyone is on board. Some people pulled over unsure what was going on. Others along El Paseo sick and tired of the occupy protesters.

Whether you agree with them or not, it appears that there is power in numbers.

National Bank Transfer Day became somewhat of an internet sensation, attracting 80,000 people who pledged to close their accounts with big banks today. It's one of the reasons protesters say pushed Bank of America to drop their $5 dollar debit card fee.