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Investigators Search for Cause of Fatal Fire

Angela Monroe

Investigators Search for Cause of Fatal Fire

CREATED Nov. 3, 2011

An emotional night for family and friends of a woman found dead inside a burning mobile home in Palm Desert.

The fire broke out just before 3pm Thursday at the Indian Springs mobile home park off Highway 74.

Firefighters rushed to the burning home. They heard a woman was trapped inside.

"We heard this commotion and one of my friends ran out of the house and screamed there is a fire across the street," said neighbor Tom Lugo.

Neighbors tried to help.

"He came out, grabbed the hose, went inside, and tried to open the door and then the flames shut him out, he could not go in," said Lugo.

Firefighters arrived in only four and a half minutes, but the house was already heavily engulfed by flames.

Firefighters found a person dead inside. Neighbors said the victim was an elderly woman who was mostly bedridden.

"I knew her pretty well, and I knew her husband too before, he's dead now," said neighbor Ed Difani.

Neighbors say it's shocking how quickly the home burned.

"Very scary, because these things go up like a matchbox, you know, they're old. You need your smoke detectors and get out quick, but for somebody that's ill I'm sure it's hard, tragic situation," said neighbor Alan Taylor.

Investigators are searching the remains of the home to find out what started the fire.

"We're currently looking through the room of origin, we found a bedroom that the fire originated in and we're processing that," said Fire Captain Specialist Mort Allen with Cal Fire.

Neighbors say the woman had lived at the home for about 13 years.

"Oh yes I knew her very very well. It is sad, and we all get along very well here, it's a very nice park," said Lugo.

Now neighbors and family are mourning after this tragic fire.