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Gay Pride Symbol, Offensive?

Jessica Flores

Gay Pride Symbol, Offensive?

CREATED Oct. 31, 2011

 The pink triangle, once a symbol meant to humiliate Gay people, now is lining the streets of Palm Springs.


"This symbol was a symbol of intolerance. The Nazi's used it during WWII during the Holocaust," said Anne Phillips of the Tolerance Education Center in Rancho Mirage.


With the pride parade just around the corner, the pink triangle is being flown up and down Palm Canyon Drive in downtown Palm Springs. Over the last 30 years, the Gay community has reclaimed the triangle as a symbol of pride.


But like other reclaimed symbols and words, this one also can hit a nerve. Some people think it should be an upside down triangle, because that's the way the gay community reclaimed it years ago.


KMIR6 received an email from an upset viewer about the flags. 


"To hang the triangle, as the Nazi(s) displayed it, right side up, is to defeat the gay reclaiming of the symbol, by turning it on it's head," wroteT. Michael Collura-Ringe.


The pride organizers weren't available for an interview, but they told me over the phone, that the symbol isn't meant to offend anyone. It's meant to inspire pride.


In Nazi Germany a upside down triangle was used. Men were forced to wear it on their pants and jackets. In all, one hundred thousand men were arrested and sent to concentration camps for being gay.


Since then gay rights groups have used it both ways, right side up and upside down.


Whichever way, the purpose it the same: to unite, to provide a sense of pride and to remember the past.


Jessica Flores KMIR6 News