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Parents Want Answers after School Theft

Angela Monroe

Parents Want Answers after School Theft

CREATED Oct. 25, 2011

Parents want answers after someone stole 20,000 dollars in fundraising money from elementary school children.
The money was stolen Thursday night from Lyndon. B. Johnson Elementary School in Indio.

"When my daughter comes home crying and she's devastated, yes I'm going to make a fuss about it," said Ronnica Marroquin, whose daughter is in 1st grade.

Cecilia Martinez has two daughters, she told us what they said. "The first words were mom, they stole all our money."

 Indio Police say someone entered a room at the front office without force and stole the money.  The cash and checks were behind two locked doors.

"I just want to know where was the money, how was it that somebody could just go in and take it, was there a key, how many people have the keys? There's just question marks everywhere," said Marroquin.
And parents had questions for school officials.

"Have you implemented, or are you implenting precautions so that something like this does not happen again?" Martinez asked school officials.
Principal Mayalice Owings responded, "Yes, we're working with our district security and we won't leave until this person is caught, we won't leave anything here on site."

That stolen money was to go towards a shade structure, field trips, and a limo ride to Chuck E. Cheese for kids who sold the most items.
The principal told parents, "One way or another, whether the company can help us with it or whether we have to cover it, the kids will get their limo ride to Chuck E. Cheese. yay!"
The parents cheered that answer.

 Someone stole from schoolchildren.  But the community is trying to give it back.  From Valley Barbers donating a day's worth of haircuts money, to a fundraising company that donated 3,000 in merchandise--everyone is trying to help.

"A little boy from another school that's handicapped, and I can't do this one without crying, he gave us 11 dollars out of his piggy bank, so I mean there are lots of good people out there that I know will help us," said principal Owings.

 Marie Rosales volunteered to buy a safe for the school and donated money.  She has a first grade son at the school.
"Well he actually he made me come, he was like mom you have to go and I said okay, so I'm just glad that I can help. He was sad and disappointed that what happened here... I'm going to cry."
But Rosales now gets to tell him he gets to Chuck E. Cheese after all.

So the children will still get their trip, but the question still remains, who would steal from children?
And police could use your help answering that question. If you know anything about this crime, you're asked to call Indio Police.