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County Jail Crisis

Adrianna Weingold

County Jail Crisis

CREATED Oct. 24, 2011

It's the latest twist in the story, state prisoners being moved to county jails.

The new law means some criminals will never go to state prison, they'll do their time right here in the Coachella Valley.

Right now the new law brings only non violent, non serious and non sexual offenders to county jails, but eventually the law will allow even violent offenders to end up here.

At a special public meeting today, officials explain the big problem is parole violators.

Before the new law, they all went back to state prison, but and in a year and a half any parole violator could be sent to county jail instead.

But already the Riverside County Jails are almost 90% full. Some with new prisoners that will now stay for years.

State corrections officials say there's no other way. The supreme court has ordered California to deal with seriously overcrowded state prisons.

Some residents say if it means more money for more prisons, they are all for it.

But for now, the scramble is on to deal with a lot more prisoners packing Riverside County jails.