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Police Shoot Down Man in 24-Hour Standoff

Jessica Flores

Police Shoot Down Man in 24-Hour Standoff

CREATED Oct. 21, 2011

After more than 24 hours, a tense police standoff in Coachella has come to a deadly end.

Early this morning police exchanged gunfire with the man, who neighbors say was named Manuel, after he refused to get out of his home. The standoff ensued after neighbors called police about shots being fired Thursday morning.

Police say evidence led them to Manuel, but that the man refused to talk to police or let them inside.
Some neighbors say they had problems with the man in the past, but nothing like this.

Police closed off the neighborhood, and people waited around to get back in their homes. Some people who knew him say they didn't see any warning signs.
"I can't believe this happened, he was a good guy," said Joe Hernandez who said he knew Manuel for 30 years.

After 12 hours into the standoff, a SWAT team surrounded the home. They used tear gas and an armored truck to try to get him out. The standoff ended after police returned fire, killing Manuel.

Residents that were forced out of their homes are now allowed back in. Police continue to investigate and are asking residents what they knew about their neighbor.

Jessica Flores, KMIR6 News.