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Millions Duck and Cover for Great California Shakeout

Jessica Flores

Millions Duck and Cover for Great California Shakeout

CREATED Oct. 20, 2011

If an earthquake hit your office, would you know what to do?

At 10:20 am today, millions of Californian's ducked and covered for the statewide earthquake drill, the Great California Shakeout.

"I'm originally from Kansas. I would say I'm probably more afraid of the big one than if you are a native Californian," said Kathleen Vonachen.
Scientists say there's a 99-percent chance a quake over 6-7 is coming to California in the next 30 years, and Southern California is the most likely spot it will hit.
"I'm used to it. But it's scary to know that one day it could come. It could catch anybody off guard," said Angelica Marron, who was going through the drill at Coachella City hall.

Here's what you need to do if you feel the ground shaking: stop what you are doing, get under a desk or table, and don't forget to cover your head.

Workers practiced leaving their offices, from Coachella to Rancho Mirage.
And after making sure everyone is out, workers headed for the designated safe spot.

Things went smoothly during the drills, but people recalled times California's didn't take quakes seriously.

"We had to pull people out because people just wanted to stay there. They are used to these earthquakes. I had to pull my boss out of the office," said Nick Sanchez from Coachella, remembering a time in his old office.

With the Coachella Valley sitting right next to the San Andreas fault, this is one area people need to be especially prepared.

-Jessica Flores, KMIR6 NEWS.