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Teen Killed in Shooting at Indio Apartments

Angela Monroe

Teen Killed in Shooting at Indio Apartments

CREATED Oct. 18, 2011

The search is on for a gunman after a teenage boy is shot to death in Indio.
The shooting happened just after 4 Tuesday night at the Desert Palms Apartments in Indio.
Police are searching for clues as to why the teenage boy was shot, and they are on the hunt for the gunman.

Flashing red and blue lights surrounded two Indio apartments as police searched for the gunman.
Erwin Caballero's family lives in the complex.  He's worried his cousin might know the teenage boy who was shot.
"Hopefully its not anyone my cousin knows, my cousin's friend, or anything like that because that would be very devastating I bet for them," said Caballero.

You couldn't get into or out of the apartments without talking to police.
Ben Guitron with the Indio Police Department said, "They noticed that the victim was standing and talking with some other people at the time, then they walked further into part of the complex where they no longer could see the victim or anyone else, then they heard a gunshots."
Then police say a man with a gun was seen running away from the apartments.

For some neighbors, the shooting hit close to home.
"I'm really concerned because my sister plays in that little playground, so it's kind of scary," said resident Alexandra Rios.
We asked if she ever heard of something like this happening there before.
Rios said, "No, just the one shooting a while back ago just on the street."
Hope Franco lives nearby and says shootings are becoming common in the neighborhood.
"Really, really scary.  Couple months ago we were having the police there every Friday, Saturday night for shootings.  I mean, I was sitting right in the front yard and I heard a shooting on the left, and I saw car just drive by 100 miles an hour, and then I heard more shooting at the end of the street," said Franco.

Police continue to investigate to find out why the shooting happened, and to find the gunman.
Witnesses told police they saw a hispanic male with a gun running away from the apartments in a gray shirt and blue jean shorts.
If you have any information about this shooting, you are asked to call Indio Police or Crimestoppers are 760-341-STOP.