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Palm Springs Pushes for Sustainability

Angela Monroe

Palm Springs Pushes for Sustainability

CREATED Oct. 12, 2011

Palm Springs is celebrating "Your Sustainable City."  Wednesday's event showcased energy friendly homes, vehicles and programs.

Palm Springs is pushing for a more sustainable city.
What does sustainable mean? Well, maybe using insulation for your house made out of old blue jeans.
"What we thought we'd do is build a trailer that had some of the most important and the most cutting edge products," said Jason Terry with the California Center for Sustainable Energy.
Products like low flow toilets, recyclable glass counters, and efficient air conditioners.

Sustainable could also mean renting an electric vehicle.
"Today is the first day we're actually renting vehicles, we're going to have, at least initially start with 5 Nissan Leafs at our Palm Springs location," said Greg Tabak with Enerprise Rent-A-Car.
Or sustainable could mean getting out of your car and walking or biking.
Founder of 88 Bikers, Dan Austin said, "Enjoying the world in that sense and getting the community excited about that, especially as Palm Springs is launching forward with all of these clean energy initiatives, walking and biking initiatives."

And the California Center for Sustainable Energy has a neighborhood program that gives rebates to homeowners who make energy upgrades to their home.
Drew Henley with the Center said, "We want to put the construction industry back to work, so its a workforce development program as well, so we want to reduce energy use, save consumers money, we also want to create jobs."
Called the "Season of Sustainability," events and workshops will continue in Palm Springs through November.