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Valley Rat Infestation

Angela Monroe

Valley Rat Infestation

CREATED Oct. 10, 2011

Rats are a very unwelcome guest -- nesting in your attic or scurrying across your backyard.
And "rat season" is starting.  It goes from October through March.
Pest control manager, Juan Ramirez, says during this season they get three to four calls a day about rat infestations.
"The first thing to try to do of course is we've got to get them out of there, we try to seal the home, we've got to do some exclusion work, keep them out, they may have gotten in through some bad construction or just anything that doesn't seal well, we try to seal everything we can, we trap them out," said Juan Ramirez with Truly Nolen Pest Control in Palm Desert.
Rats can do thousands of dollars in damage to your home, like chewinig through a plumbing pipe in a kitchen.

Nick Hiebert of Rancho Mirage, has seen rats as big as 12 inches long in his backyard before.
"I put out some rat traps and they would run off with my rat traps, so they're pretty smart rats, but we also know that if the people don't pick up their fruit, it just invites them," said Heibert.
So we asked pest control experts what invites rats into your yard or home.
Ramirez said, "Yard isn't kept, and there's places for them to hide obviously, if you have fruit trees and you don't maintain the fruit and it falls, they love that, and if you leaves doors open, something as simple as a door open, they can go in like that, and they're in."

Valarina Pedicini of Rancho Mirage says she sees evidence rats have been in her yard before.
"You know what, they do eat my, I have a tangerine tree, and I see empty ones, so they say that they are date rats, fruit rats," said Pedicini.
Pest control experts say rats can bite and carry diseases-- so be extra careful if the unwanted guest gets into your home.