Occupy Wall Street Moves to Coachella Valley

Jessica Flores

Occupy Wall Street Moves to Coachella Valley

CREATED Oct. 7, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street group is coming to the Coachella Valley.
The group plans to protest Saturday in front of Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack's office.
Protests like this have been going on for weeks across the nation.
With unemployment rates as high as 20 percent in some Coachella Valley cities the organizers say now is the time to get the word out to our representatives before it is too late.

Organizers say its about time this movement hits the Coachella Valley.
"It is not about the left versus the right, Republicans versus Democrats, it's about us, we the people, the 99 percent standing up against the top one percent," said Jayel Aheram with Occupy Coachella Valley.

John Paul Valdez with Occupy Coachella Valley told us why they picked Mary Bono Mack's office.
"To be able to stand up locally but speak out nationally and since she's the congresswoman for this area that is currently in that role, we need to assemble in front of her office."

So we asked people here in the desert if they would want to get involved Eric Larsen said maybe he would.
"They have a right to protest because the people, Wall Street was bailed out, a lot of money was given to Wall Street, and nobody was held accountable where the money went," said Larsen.

But Randy Roberts of Palm Desert says demonstrators are frustrated with the wrong people.
"When they are pointing at those Occupy Wall Street, why aren't they occupying Sacramento, why aren't they occupying Washington, why doesn't anybody say anything about the 15 trillion dollar debt," said Roberts.

Joy Goylette of Yucca Valley says she gets why Occupy Wall Street is coming to the Coachella Valley.
"I think people are so fed up, and I'm one of them. I'm one of the people who are fed up with the stalemate in Washington, the hierarchy of our society coming out on top with the middle class disappearing, with our very way of life disappearing," said Goylette.

Protesters may not have the same reasons for organizing, but their frustrations are sweeping the nation.
The protests will be held in front of Congresswoman Mary Bono Macks office on Cook Street in Palm Desert between 2 and 5 Saturday afternoon.
Another protest is planned in Palm Springs next weekend.