Wet and Windy Weather Moves into Valley

Angela Monroe

Wet and Windy Weather Moves into Valley

CREATED Oct. 5, 2011

Rain finally hit the valley floor Wednesday night.  The storm system moved across the state bringing snow to the mountains and rain and gusty winds to the valley.
Wind gusts reached 60 miles per hour in some places along Interstate 10.

Rain, wind, and cooler temperatures are moving into the Coachella Valley, and for many folks in the area, it's a relief.
Palm Desert resident, Beth Rubarth said, "Oh this is great, I love this, we need this, and the rain's fabulous. My favorite part is that I got to open my back door, and let the air in, oh look I think its getting colder and rainier more!"
That wind was fierce enough to rip signs and make driving a challenge.

But earlier in the day, Cathedral City High School students weren't about to let it rain on their parade.
Cathedral City High School cheerleaders, Lyra and Christina, said they weren't worried about getting rained on.
"Not at all, Cheer rain or shine!"
And cheer they did as the parade marched it's way down Highway 111. The rain prompted some to bring umbrellas.
One of the homecoming queens, Nayeli Figueroa, said she'd be okay if she rained on in the back of the convertible.
"I'll be perfectly fine, and the experience will be the same and I just hope none of the floats get ruined."

The rain didn't ruin the floats, or the student's parade.
Instead, many residents think the possiblity of snow at the tram, and cooler temperatures sounds pretty nice.
Palm Desert resident, Kelly McFall said, "I think it actually would be nice to see snow already, it means ski season will start early. I was thinking that it was pretty cold for this time of year, so I'd say that this is pretty unusual."
The unusual weather will continue--giving a breathe of cool air into the valley for the rest of the week.