Thousands of Inmates and Parolees Headed for Riverside County

Adrianna Weingold

Thousands of Inmates and Parolees Headed for Riverside County

By Adrianna Weingold. CREATED Oct 1, 2011

When it comes to dealing with inmates and parolees, California is shifting the responsibility.
It's now up to local counties, not the state, to house and monitor thousands of convicted criminals. Why? And at what cost?

It's all part of a plan to reduce the state budget, by reducing prison population by 30,000 inmates, many of them coming right here to Riverside County

More prisoners in jail, more parolees on the street.

The new law, in effect today, gives counties control over lower level non-sex offenders like drug dealers and thieves. Thousands of them transferred out of state prisons and into county facilities.

Officials warn jails in Riverside County could reach capacity by January. Indio Jail is the only county facility in the valley, resources are already stretched thin.
1700 parolees are set to be released into Riverside County this year. Close to 300 this month.

Giving up safety to save money? Not exactly the budget fix many were looking for.

To help with the cost of keeping those added inmates, counties will receive 21 million dollars from the state this fiscal year.