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Call to Veto SB-469

Jaffa King

Call to Veto SB-469

CREATED Sep. 19, 2011

PALM SPRINGS - A cry of outrage from business and community leaders over a bill dubbed the Super-center Bill. 

Desert mayors, and economic leaders are asking governor brown to veto Senate Bill 469.

Big super-centers are the target of Senate Bill 469.

Tom Flavin CEO of Coachella Valley Economic Partnership says, "469 driven by special interests is a classic example of why California finds itself ranked near the bottom nationally for business environment."

But local State Senator Juan Vargas, the bill's author, says the bill protects local communities. Requiring superstores to pay for a study to show the economic impact.

Vargas said studies show these stores cause business districts to suffer and significantly decrease the net number of jobs.

Local leaders disagree.

Mayor of Cathedral City, Kathleen Derosa says, "This mandate will mean less construction jobs, less commercial space to attract other businesses and less development to spur the economy."

Mayor of Indio, Lupe Ramos Watson, "We in the city of Indio are looking to put our community back to work, we all want to work, and making it harder for businesses to come into our city, to locate into our city is not going to help the economy get any better."

The California small business association supports 469 saying an economic impact analysis informs small business owners of potential dramatic impacts of a super-center.

Local leaders say safeguards are already in place.

Fred Bell with the Coachella Valley Workforce Housing Trust says, "What they are trying to accomplish in this piece of legislation already exists, in current law, and we don't need any more interference from the state. What we need is economic development and jobs."

The Super-center Bill is now in the hands of the Governor.