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Renter Evicted after Landlord's Foreclosure

Angela Monroe

Renter Evicted after Landlord's Foreclosure

CREATED Sep. 14, 2011

A La Quinta woman is evicted from her home Wednesday with less than a weeks notice because the bank foreclosed on her landlord and the house sold.

The renter told us the officer said they have to do about 45 of these evictions every month here in the Coachella Valley.
Patricia Gill says she always paid her rent, and had no idea the home she rented for  the past three years was in foreclosure.

Patricia Gill is locked out of her home. Her belongings are still inside.
"So basically they didn't care, they put us out on the street, and said good luck."
So here's what Patricia says happened.  On Friday she got an eviction notice telling her to leave by Wednesday because her landlady was foreclosed on.
"How could I not now, well I guess nowadays as tenants maybe we better start running checks on people that own the house to make sure these houses aren't in foreclosure when we move in."

Less than a weeks notice to leave.
"The thing that surprises me is at no other time did anyone try to notify me, or post me or give me a 30 day warning."
Patricia had a court date Wednesday to try to get more time to move out.  But that didn't work.  Right after court the sheriff's department and a Fannie Mae realtor arrived at her home.
A friend brought a camera to Patricia's eviction.

"This company has to take possession of the property," said the officer in the video.
"What I'm finding out is that this house has been out of her name for quite some time, and I've been paying the rent, said Gill.  The Fannie Mae realtor told her, "Well we have all the papers and it was actually back in May. It actually took this long to get to this point."

We asked Gill who she was angrry at.  I'm angry at Fannie Mae, I'm a little bit angry at the court system too. The landlady, she should have let me know absolutely, but again I just have this feeling that she got taken just as much as maybe we did."
The officer asked the realtor in the video, "If you'd just do your best to work with her, absolutely. This is just one of situations where she got blindsided."

Patricia's fiancee is on the kidney transplant list because of severe type two diabetes. The couple is now locked out of their home, staying with friends.
"I got blindsided," Gill told the realtor, he replied,  "Okay, well we'll try to make it as best as possible, know that it's a nasty deal."

Patricia has a warning for other renters...
"It can happen to you, really it doesn't matter that you're honest, morally correct, have a good job, pay your bills, and go to court and tell the truth, beware because the banks don't care."