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3 Dead, 2-Year-Old Boy Found Gagged in Banning Home

Jaffa King

3 Dead, 2-Year-Old Boy Found Gagged in Banning Home

CREATED Sep. 6, 2011



A two-year-old boy is safe while police investigate the deaths of three people found inside a Banning home.
Police say the bodies of the toddler's parents and an unidentified woman were found inside the home around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon.
The toddler who was feared missing was found several hours later bound and gagged inside a separate room from where the bodies were found.
Now police are being questioned why they did not do a better job checking the home.
That home is located on Phillips Street near Williams Street just off the Hargrave exit off Interstate 10.
While the grandfather says he doesn't know who killed his son, he does have a few ideas why the three people may have been murdered, and his two-year-old grandson left an orphan.
"It could have been a robbery attempt, or it could have been because they didn't like what my son was doing," said the victim's father, Purvis Hunt.
 We asked what was his son doing.
Purvis told us, "He was doing wrong. He was like everybody else's child out there, he was in drugs sometimes, I'm not going to lie on my child, he wasn't an angel, but he didn't hurt anyone."
Purvis hunt says his son was shot, one of the women was strangled, and he didn't know how the third woman died.
Police did not tell us how they died.
A two year old boy was also at the house.  But police thought he was missing.  Three hours later... they found him gagged and bound in the house.
Banning Police Chief Leonard Purvis said, "I'm not sure how thorough this this sweep was today, but from what I understand we visually checked it, but as far as really going in there and checking thoroughly the case."
Hunt says police told him there was a padlock on the door of the room his grandson was trapped in.
"I'm not upset with them about it, because they made sure that I understood he was safe, and he was in good hands, and now he's at the hospital with his grandmother so I know he's in better hands," said Hunt.
Chief Purvis said, "Thank God he's doing well, our heart goes out to that little child, his family."
Police don't have a suspect yet in the triple murder.
"I figure my son, he knew who it was, he let him in, and when he turned his back, the coward's shot him," said Hunt.
As police search the crime scene for clues, family and friends of the victims remember their loved ones.
Family friend, Cynthia Felix, said, "If you needed food to eat, he would be the one who would feed you, he was just a loving person, very loving person, he was very giving."
"They took him from me, and it hurt. His family, his friends, they hurt us all," said the victim's father, Purvis Hunt.
Police have not given us the identities of the three people slain or how they died.
Banning Police, and the Riverside County Sheriff's Department are investigating to find out exactly what happened.



BANNING - Three people have been found dead inside a home in Banning.

The bodies were found in a house on the corner of Phillps and Williams Streets.

Banning police were looking for a missing 2 year old child after the toddler's parents were killed at that home.

Police eventually found the child bound and gagged in a separate room at the house - 3 hours later.  

The child was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to be fine.

The child's parents were found dead with another adult woman.

No other details have been released.